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About The Loughborough Challenge

Inspired by the success of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for young people, our Loughborough Challenge asks you to learn something new, to take exercise and to make a social contribution. It asks you to lean against your boundaries and to see what’s possible.

The challenge is open to everybody aged 25 to 54. 

It is hosted by The Challenge Hub CIC from its website. When you register you will become a member of The Challenge Hub alongside all of those who are taking part in its other challenges.

Login is to the Members' area of The Challenge Hub with content designed to inform, inspire and encourage everyone to lead their fullest possible lives.

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The Loughborough Challenge

A challenge for those aged 25 to 54 which is inspired by The Duke of Edinburgh's Award. It is hosted by The Challenge Hub CIC and calls for achievements in learning, physical activity and social contribution.

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A Summary

Please visit "The Rules" to see the Menu of challenges

You must complete achievements within each of the three categories of learning, physical activity and making a social contribution.
Qualifying achievements are marked as attracting 1, 2, or 3 points, depending on how demanding they are.

To complete the challenge, complete one task from each category which together attract at least 6 points. For 6 points the options would therefore be to select challenges at 3×2 points or as 1, 2 and 3 points.

A Roll of Honour will record all those who complete The Loughborough Challenge and we will highlight the names of all those who complete it with 8 or 9 points.

Members have three years from registering in which to complete the challenge.


  • Learning is not limited to academic subjects and we wish to emphasize equal encouragement for the learning of new skills and crafts. In structuring our points-system we have attached more emphasis to the period of time over which Members are engaging with an on-going learning initiative than the intensity of their commitment over that period.

Physical Activity

  • We aim to reward people who either take on a new physical sport or activity or who radically up-grade their involvement in a particular sport or activity. We would like to avoid rewarding people who simply carry on doing what they are already doing because that is not really a challenge for them. The difficulty is to reflect that in a one-size-fits-all menu and so please try to honour the spirit of The Loughborough Challenge by pushing new boundaries.

Social Contribution

  • This part of The Loughborough Challenge involves making a valuable contribution to society by working as a volunteer in an organisation which is a “Qualifying Organisation”. A Qualifying Organisation is any company which is registered as a charity in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales or which is registered in England or Wales as a Community Interest Company (“CIC”).

  • Participation is free but if on completion you would like us to review your achievements and to issue an on-line certificate where applicable then we ask for a processing fee of £15 to cover our costs unless you are sponsored by an organisation registered with us.

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